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Welcome to the Upper Banyang website. Upper Bayang is one of four sub-divisions in Manyu, of which Manyu is a department of Southwest Province in Cameroon. Read more.



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 Nchemti Manyang-mfai  Nchemti Manyang-mfai

Dear UPBACDANS, my brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. Saturday December 10, 2022 shows a demonstration of culture and marked another democratic transition of power from one administration to another in the life of Upper Banyang Maryland.

I want to use this opportunity to thank God first for the vision, endurance, indulgence, perseverance, patience and love he gave the leaders before me to put this association where it is today. Let me take a minute to recognize my predecessors. Truly, without able leadership, the demise of an association is almost always certain. I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to them for their sacrifice.  I must admit that my administration is inheriting a goldmine from the out-going administration.

We undoubtedly came here for different reasons, pursuing different ambitions. However diverse and divergent our paths might be, one thing remains common among us: the quest, the thirst, the yearning for the communal life that defines us, and gives us a sense of purpose, belonging, and achievement. There is no better association to belong to than this Upper Banyang family group when we say family indeed its truly a family group.

In 2014 at the time when our very survival as a group was threatened, and we all watched with trepidation, and craved for leadership, a new leader stepped up by name Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashu Agbor to provide this association with remarkable astuteness. We emerged victorious, proving wrong all those who had thought the collapse of UBACDA Maryland.

Today, we would not be where we are without Prince Enoh-Ebika’s leadership. But most true is the fact that we would not be where we are without the oneness, commitment, solidarity and love that is unique to us.

Thanks to the wonderful foundation that Prince Enoh-Ebika and Chief Achuo Ebini have left for UBACDA I am called upon to lead: a unified, strong and invincible UBACDA. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you have placed in me. As I get ready to take over, I pledge to deliver no less. True, I will make mistakes, as none is infallible. But judge me not by my mistakes, but by my intentions which, I can already guarantee, are the best and the most genuine for this family group. I am here to serve no special interests, but to serve to the best of my abilities, the paramount interest of those who did, and also those who did not elect me.

One of our goals is to reach out to all the sons and daughters of UPBACDA to join us so as to enjoy the warmth this group is generating. We shall do whatever it takes to fortify the cords that bind us together as a people, so that we shall continue to hold hands in good, as well as in bad times. We shall continue to provide that critical leadership and support to other UBACDA chapters. We will continue to maintain existing alliances and forge new ones with other cultural groups in Maryland.


These are your EXCO memebers


- Vice President: Dr. Michael Nkongho                                            - Dr. Solomon Agbor

- Secretary General: Miss. Tracy Agbor                                           - Ma Julie Ashunkem

- Vice Secretary:                                                                               - Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashu Agbor

- Treasurer General: Mr. Milton Tanjong                                           - Chief Ebini Bechemayor

- Financial Secretary: Miss. Sandra Array Atong

- Public Relations Officer:

- Conflict resolution delegate: Miss. Tabi, Lydia

- Women’s delegate: Miss.

- Cultural affairs delegate: Mrs. Margaret Ebangah

- CareNet: Mr. Samuel Orock

Long live UBACDA Maryland,

Chief Emmanuel Tabi

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