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The meeting started at 9PM with the reading of the agenda which was later adopted by Miss Grace Tabi and Mami Lydia Tabi. .


Opening Prayers: Was led by Mami Diana who called on the Lord to guide and protect the association as well as directing us towards the rights cause.


Welcome Remarks:

The president then took the floor to thank members for coming as he expressed his delight with the turnout and described the current trajectory as very encouraging. He then encouraged members to continue with the same attitude and participate respectfully during deliberations.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Press Secretary seating for the Secretary General who was running late and the following amendments were made. Mami Lydia said the Audit Report wasn’t mentioned in the minutes, she also made mentioned of the fact that she did raised of the idea of a trust fund but was pushed to a later day as we were running out of time.


Matters Arising:

The first issue on this part of the Agenda was raised by Prince Ashunkem who was concern by the fact the association spent so much time during the last meeting talking about SAGI and to some extent endorsed COMBASS without focusing on creating a trust fund or a financial institution for its members. Mami Lydia Tabi responded that idea of a trust fund was raised and members were asked to think about it and come up with ideas which will be deliberated in subsequent meetings and that it is unfortunate that it wasn’t mentioned in the minutes.


Mr Bechem Ebini then took the floor to clarify that the association did not endorsed COMBASS but rather gave Dr Solomon Agbor an opportunity to enlighten members about the benefits of COMBASS. Hence members are not compelled to join but he believes it is the right thing for the association to educate members about such schemes as we wait for the association to come with its own plan. He went further to say that we had the same process in place when we invited the leaders of SAGI to educate us about the organization and subsequently SAGI updates became part of our agenda.


The President then took a minute to clarify that what we to want adopt is not a trust fund per say but a scheme that will increase the bereavement package in case we lose a members. He went further to explain the position of the current law which requires that the sum of $5000 be handed to the family of a deceased member and in return all members must contribute $50 towards that endeavor. He asserted that some members end up not paying this amount and the association takes the tabs at the end of the day. Following the president’s explanation, Prince Ashunkem wanted to know the current enrollment of the association. The Financial Secretary responded that it is difficult to give the precise number because of the current law which classifies members on active and inactive status. However he concluded that we have about 100 registered members for this year.


Prince Ashunkem believes the amount of $5000 is small hence he suggested the sum of $10000 and all members should pay an upfront amount of $50 yearly. On her part, Miss Agnes Nzo believes that we may run out of funds if we are to pay $50 annually and she proposed an annual amount of $100 each for

a package of $10000. Mrs Atabonkeng then took the floor for modest approach as she proposed that the trouble fund be increased from $200 to $225 annually and the amount should stay at $5000.


Mami Martha Akombi said the upfront of $100 is too much considering the fact that we are have to pay 200 annually for trouble fund hence members will be left with an annual dues of $300. On his part, Chief Mondi believes whatever the outcome, it shouldn’t be mandatory but optional. The president immediately quashed this idea and went further to say that the association owes a duty to support a fallen member which he believes is one of the fundamental reasons for coming together.


Because of the contentious nature of the bereavement issue, majority of the members suggested we proceed to a vote. In response to the majority opinion the president requested for the expert services of Lawyer Nkwanchong to coordinate the voting process.


Lawyer Nkwanchong explained that the voting will be by rising of hands and read the three options as follows

1. $100 annually for $10.000

2. $50 annually for $10.000

3. $25 annually for $5000


The results of the voting process was overwhelmingly in favor of the second option as it gained the support of 32 members, while the first and third options had six and zero support respectively.


The next issue this part of the agenda was raised by the president who informed the association that he had received a list of the items which were donated through Mr. Duke Manga. He then explained the selfless that Mr. Manga has done for this association and not letting go the fact that there are no records indicating that we have paid him for such services. He also used this opportunity to discuss the fact that in continuing to do the good on our behalf, Mr Manga was duped by someone purporting to be a representative of the association and that individual received the sum of 250 CFA from Mr. Manga. In concluding, the president asked the association to decide on what to do considering the fact that Mr. Manga made this payment from his personal account but on behalf of the association.


Mami Lydia suggested that because he had served us and we will still need his services, we should give him half of the aforementioned amount to help him recover the lost. On her part Miss Agnes Nzo believes that the act constitute negligence on his part and we shouldn’t condone nor encourage such acts hence no money should be disburse for that. Because of the variant opinions surrounding this issue, the president requested for a vote in which 18 members were in favor of a complete reimbursement while six members support a partial reimbursement.


Other Matters:

Mrs. Ayoumpe suggested that members be reminded of their financial standing during meeting sessions. However, the Financial Secretary responded that he believes it is incumbent on members to ask for their financial reports rather than reading individual financial reports every meeting session.



* The president informed members of the upcoming breast cancer screening scheduled for May 12, 2016

* Mrs. Atabonkeng reiterated the importance of COMBASS and encouraged members to join the program as it is designed by us and for us.

* Mami Ayounpe announced he daughter’s baby shower slated for May 13, 2016 and gave an open invitation to the association

* Mami Celin Mangiabe thanked the association for standing her when she lost her mother

* Mr. Taba Eseme also thank the association for supporting his family during the loss his father and he prayed for continuous solidarity and unity amongst us

* Mrs. Alice Bayie informed the association that her daughter is in Mary Kay business and she is willing help members who are interested

* Mr Manfred Njang informed the association of his dedication and respects for this association contrary to rumors that he not a dedicated member as he belongs to another upperbayang group. He categorized such rumors as false and baseless and reaffirms his allegiance to this association.

* Mr. Jose Eyong announced that he is hiring a part time sales associate

* Miss Agnes Nzo informed members that she is operating an online clothing business.


Introduction of members and Visitors:


- Aletia Ndeso from Osing

- Mrs Esther Achuo(Returning )

- Mr Samuel Nkwanchong

- Mrs Pauline Nyenti

- Mrs Endale Ndakor

- Mrs Emilia Tabe


Refreshment and Socialisation:At this point members transition to item 11 which was followed by dance- dance- dance.


Closing remark:

 The president again thank members for coming while acknowledging that the participation was great and encouraged members to continue in the same direction..


Next meeting scheduled for May 14th, 2016  Location TBA



Bechem Ebini


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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