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Host location: Dr.Alice & Dr. Solomoni's Residence


 The meeting started at 8:38pm with sixteen members on roll. The agenda was disclosed by the deputy secretary Jose Eyong and move correct as a working document by Pa Maurice Tabe and Mrs. Grace Akwo


Opening Prayers: Opening prayer was led by Mrs. Taku Beyang who called on God almighty to take total control of the meeting.


The president formally welcomed everyone and thanked the host group for making entertainment possible. He called for active participation from everyone. He added that some members are sick and some are hurting especially Sesseko Christmas Ebini who lost his father. 

The minutes were read with one correction: that the names of members should be written in full. The minutes were then moved correct for discussions by Dr. Solomon Agbor and Mr. Enow Otto respectively.   


Matters Arising:

A book drive was proposed as a project but the health project had been adopted for execution during a previous meeting. Pa Maurice Tabe wondered why the mayor of the region cannot use his powers to facilitate the execution of our projects. The president also drew from the previous minutes that the month of July was set aside for fun and BBQ was chosen amongst others like a cruise.


Other matters:

BBQ reactions -- Pa Maurice Tabe said the BBQ was fantastic as he danced without his walking stake even though he was sick. Ma Taku Beyang said the team spirit was enormous and the love of God permeated the place and everyone was satisfied. Mr. Dickson Tabi said we could have ceased the opportunity of the enormous populace to increase membership of the group. The president said his respect for the women of UPBACDA has grown because they did an incredible job. He lamented that cleaning was not well done as he, the first lady and the host did the work the next day. The pledges were read and those who did not honor their pledges were encouraged to do so.   



The president briefed the general assembly about the health care project (emergency unit) and edged Dr. Solomon Agbor to head the committee to make final feasibility studies. Mrs. Taku Beyang, Mrs. Martha Atabongakeng, Mrs. Juliana Ashukem, Dr. Tabehtah Ako, and Chief Emmanuel Mondi were all appointed by the president to be part of the committee. Dr, Solomon Agbor was given the floor to brief the general assembly on the project specificities. He said unlike the lab project we are picking this one from scratch that is from the building construction, to the equipments, supplies and training. The project he said is estimated to close to $100,000.00 and we should be able to sell the project to everyone not only to people from upper Banyang. 



The president announced that the term of his regime is coming to an end and there will be an election in October. Chief Emmanuel Mondi was designated to be the head of the electoral committee. 

--We had a talk on the preservation of manyu historic papers from Pa Taboko.



Mr. Peter Kima, thank the group for her support during the loss of his brother Chief/Ambassador Michael Tabong Kima. He gave the meeting a bottle of whisky to show his gratitude. 

Mr. Besong also thanked the group for her support following the loss his brother. Dr. Solomon Agbor thanked the members who supported the manyu endowment fund last year and said he will be calling on individual members to support the project this year. He invited the group for a BBQ at their residence. He also reminded members of COMBASS about the bereavement and their engagement to pay $10 each. Mrs. Grace Akwo announced to the group that she will be returning to Cameroon in November with her hubby Sesseko Elias Akwo. She also announced her daughter’s baby shower on the 3rd of September.  


Introduction of new members: 

Miss Regina Ayompe introduced Manfred Asuh and Anita Asuh. 



The president thanked everyone especially the host group and wished everyone a safe trip back home. The meeting finally came to a close at 10:54pm as refreshments ensued.

The meeting finally ended about midnight in a fiasco as members enjoyed the good food prepared by the host team.




Next meeting scheduled for September 10th, 2015  Location Mr&Mrs. Jacob Tambe Residence



          President:                                                                                                Deputy Secretary

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                    Jose Eyong


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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