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Section 4.


A. The association shall be affiliated with the Manyu Element and Cultural Association (MECA) in existence within the region and by extension, MECA-USA.


B. The association shall be project oriented apolitcal non-profit entity.




1. Foster the spirit of unity and cooperation among the sons and daughters of Upper Banyang.


2.Ensure individual and collective wellbeing and promote the spirit self-development


3. Revive and maintain the culture of Upper Banyang people and promote same within the greater Manyu community.


4. Participate in cultural and developmental projects in the Upper Banyang subdivision.


5. Foster the spirit of collective responsibility and participation.


Article 3 Membership/Registration/Dues


Section 1


1. Membership


There shall be three (3) types of membership


A. Membership by birth


B. Membership by marriage


C. Honorary membership


Section 1.1


A. An individual shall be considered a member by birth if any of his/her parents comes from the Upper Banyang subdivision.


B. An individual married to a son or daughter of Upper Banyang shall be considered a member by marriage upon registration.


C. Honorary membership shall be extended to persons who by association demonstrate goodwill and promote the well-being of the Upper Banyang subdivision and the endeavors of its elements.


D. Honorary membership shall be approved by the general assembly.


Section 1.2


An active members shall meet all the following conditions:


A. Attend at least three quarters of the general assembly meetings

   Members are expected to attend at least one meeting every quarter. failure which members will be placed in inactive status


B. Pay all yearly dues or be up to date with the association's financial requirements.


C. Attend condolence visits and or other activities (as the case may be) organized by the association.





A. Old members' registration fee of ten ($10) dollars shall be required before membership is conferred.

     New members' registration fee of ten ($20) dollars shall be required before membership is conferred.


B. Registration is renewable annually by payment of the above sum.


C. Current members are required to renew their registration by January of each year upon payment of all years due.

       Upon registration members are expected to comply with the financial requirements of the association.


D. Old members are given up to the month of March meeting to renew their registration after which they cease their eligibility.



 Section 3 DUES


A. Each member is require to pay a monthly due of ten ($10) dollars amounting to one hundred and twenty ($120) dollars a year.

    Each member is required to pay an yearly dues of $200.00, this money is spread throughout the year.


B. Members who fail to pay their dues for four consecutive months shall forfeit their membership.

     Members who failed to comply with the financial requirements will be sent to inactive status


C. Members are required to settle all debts owed the association before new registration each year or as the case may be apart from the registration any new dues paid by a debtor member shall be used to pay off all debts owed by the member.


D. A member who leaves the association with unpaid dues and contributions shall be required to meet up with this payments before renewing his/her registration.   


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