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Section 1




A. bonafide member of this association shall be expected to abide by the following obligations; that is to take the floor only when called upon to do so by the presiding officer.

B. Accept democratic principles of majority opinion/rule.


Co-host or assist in hosting the association at least once a year.


D. Make required financial moral and or material contributions as maybe required by the association to meet its needs.


E. Promote a positive image of the association and preserve the dignity and respect of its members.


F. Ensure that issues discussed at the meeting remains meeting issues; that is, not personalized and not subject of media debate.


G. Every member in good standing shall be bound by the spirit and letter of this constitution.



Section 2 RIGHTS


A. Every registered member in good standing has the right to vote and be voted in to any office


B. Every registered member in good standing has the right to benefits as provided by the association and as stipulated in section three (3) of this constitution.


C. A member in good standing is a member such as is referred to in section 1.2.



Section 3 BENEFITS


Subsection A: Certificate of recognition


1. At the end of each term of office a certificate and or a token shall be awarded to the executive committee member(s) for outstanding performance as determined by the general assembly.

  The amount of $500.00 shall be given to the executives


2. On the recommendation of the executive committee any active members deems to have contributed significantly to the association shall be awarded a certificate of recognition.


Subsection B: Send-off


1. Any member leaving the country or moving to another region of the country at any time shall notify the association one (1) month before he/she leaves.


2. Upon notification, the association shall present a gift to the said member, the cost which must not exceed $100.00. In the event that a gift is not feasible, the sum of $100.00 shall be given to the member.


3. A member is entitled to a one (1) time send-off gift.


Subsection C: Invitation


  • If invited the meeting's GA (general assembly) shall decide if the invitation shall be honored and any financial support if necessary.


  • The association shall accept invitations to special occasions. (marriage/weddings/fund-raising) directly involving members and related association. A Maximum of $100.00 shall be spent on any gift or decoration.


3. In the event whereby the general assembly is not in session the executive committee shall take the decision whether to honor such invitation or not, and the general assembly shall be informed thereafter of such a decision at its next meeting.


Subsection D: Birth


1. A contribution of $5.00 per member shall be made towards a birth in the family of a member.

        (Not in practice)


2. The sum of $100.00 shall be given to the member.


3. The member concerned has a window of three months to invite the meeting for a born-house.


4. After three months if the association does not hear from the member concerned the association shall present the money to the member at the next meeting.


Subsection E: Sickness-hospitalization of a member for 48hrs or more


1. A delegation of members shall visit and present the sum of $100.00 to the sick active and up to date member who is hospitalized or has been hospitalized.


2. Members shall benefit in this article only once a year.


3. Members may be expected to receive courtesy calls and goodwill donations from association members.


Subsection F Death


1. In the event of death of a member, there shall be an emergency meeting of the general assembly. In consultation with the next- of -kin.


2. Each member shall be required to contribute $50.00. The sum of 2000.00 minus all dues owed shall be presented to the next-of-kin.

    Each member shall be required to contribute $100.00. The sum of 5000.00 


3. A fund raiser may be organized for more support of family members.


4. Members shall keep vigil at residence of the diseased member until the corps is buried or transferred home.


5. Members who failed to keep vigil shall pay a fine of $50.00 in addition to normal $50.00 contribution.

        (Not in practice)


6. Under the supervision of the women's representative and vice, female members shall provide feeding at the condolence location. The vice chief shall ensure that male members provide drinks at least $50.00


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