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7. The executive committee under the chief shall ensure the smooth organization and co-ordination of such an event.


8. (a) In the event of the death of a close relative (father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, and child) each member shall contribute $10.00 and as from January 9, 2010 the sum of $400.00 shall be given to the next-of-kin.

       Sum of $1000.00 from the coffers


8. (b) If the death occurs in the united states, members shall be required additionally to contribute food and drinks to support the bereave family.

   (Voluntary contributions)


Section 6 Discipline


Lost of membership


Membership shall be terminated under the following conditions:


A. Voluntarily


B. By default; shall be deemed to have occurred when a member is four months in arrears of his/her membership dues.

         Inactive status when members are not in complinance with the meeting financial and attendance requirements.


C. By expulsion; shall occur in the event of misconduct or other acts detrimental to the association and will require a 2/3 majority vote. Expelled members may appeal the expulsion and may be reinstated according to the majority decision of the general assembly.




In the case of disputes between members, the executive in consultation with the general assembly shall look into the matter and whoever is found guilty shall pay a fine ranging from $10.00 to 100.00 and a summon fee of $5.00.




Section 1


A. The association shall meet the second Saturday of every month.


B. Meeting shall be hosted by every member and/or families on a rotational basis as specified by the hosting schedule unless otherwise specified during the general assembly.


C. In the event that there is an unforeseen difficulty in the scheduling of a meeting, the chief shall make alternative arrangements.


D. The general meeting shall begin at 7pm prompt and end at 9pm.



Section 2



a. The executive committee has the responsibility of conducting the general meeting.


b. In the general meeting (1/3) one third of registered members present shall constitute a quorum.


c. Each meeting commence 15 minutes after 7pm. Any member who comes later shall be considered late and shall be liable to a late fee of $1.00.



d. The chief whip shall keep order and ensure that all late coming fees are paid or imputed in members account.


e. The general secretary/vice secretary or designee shall record the minutes of a current meeting and shall read aloud the minutes of the last meeting.


f. Every member will salute the meeting by saying NCHEMTI and the meeting will response BANYANG NFAI. Failure to greet the meeting appropriately will a fine of $1.00


g. A member who comes in the middle of any discussion shall wait till the member who has the floor is finished before he/she can greet the meeting. Any member who interrupts a member who has the floor has a fine of $2.00.


h. Any member who takes the floor without permission has to pay a fine of $2.00.


i. Members who hold satellite discussion groups during debates shall be fined $2.00 each.




Section 1: The General Assembly and Functions


a. The general assembly is the supreme body of the association.


b. All registered members constitute the general assembly.


c. The general assembly approves the constitution.


d. All elected members must pass through a confirmation hearing conducted by the general assembly


e. The general assemble elects the executive members and sanction them in the case of default


f. The general assembly sanctions any member who go against the constitution of the association.


g. The general assembly shall make all financial decisions and shall approve all expenditures.


Section2: The Executive Committee and Function


a. The executive committee shall coordinates all the activities of the association in strict compliance with the constitution and norms laid down by the general assembly.


b. The executive shall have the power to act on behave of the association in any case of emergency and in situations where the general meeting deliberations are not possible. Such actions must be duly reported at the next general meeting.


c. No financial disbursement shall be made without due consultation with the general meeting.


d. Any member of the executive committee shall be voted out of office in the event of a non confident vote by 2/3 of the majority of members present.


e. Any member voted out shall have the rights to appeal.

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