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Section 3 Duties of the Executive Members


Subsection A: The Chief


1. shall preside and regulate all the general meetings, emergency meetings and the executive committee meetings.


2. Shall be the chief executive and spoke-person for the association; represent Upper Banyang at MECA-DC and other occasions.


3. Shall execute policy decisions approved by the association.


4. Shall summon an executive meeting at his or her own discretion or whenever requested by half of the members of the executive committee or general assembly.


5. Shall have the right to cast a vote in the event of a tie in the general meeting.


6. Shall have the right to recommend the resignation of an official who is derelict in his or her duties.


7. Shall, with the approval of the general assembly authorize expenditures, and shall be one of the signatories for withdrawing the associations funds.


8. The chief shall not be in possession of the associations funds.


9. The chief shall sign all correspondence of the meeting.


10. He shall ensure general peace and harmony among members of the association and establish close ties with related sister groups and organizations for the development of Upper Banyang.


Subsection B: The Vice Chief


1. Shall work closely with and assist the chief in the discharge of his or her duties.


2. Shall assume the position and responsibilities of the chief in any event of the latter's absence, resignation or inability to continue in office.


Subsection C (a): The General Secretary


1. Shall be responsible for taking the minutes and reading the minutes of the previous meetings and shall include the monthly financial statement in the minutes.


2. Shall be responsible for all the correspondence of UPBACDA in collaboration with the chief.


Subsection C (b): The Vice Secretary


In the absence of the general secretary, the vice secretary assumes his/her functions.



Subsection D: The Treasurer


1. Shall be the custodian's of the associations funds


2. Shall deposit the associations funds in the bank within seventy-two (72) hours or three (3) working days whichever come first.


3. Shall be the only signatory for depositing the association's funds.


4. Shall required the signature of the financial secretary for funds received.


5. Shall be one of the signatories for withdrawing of the association's funds.


6. Shall pay the association's bills, vouchers by the financial secretary and endorsed by the chief.


7. No disbursement shall be made without the approval of the general assembly.


8. Shall issue a financial secretary receipts for funds received fro the financial secretary.


9. Shall receive funds only from the financial secretary.


10. All teller receipts and expenditure receipts shall be handed over to the financial secretary before or during the next meeting.


11. Any money in possession of the treasurer that can not be accounted for shall be paid in full by the treasurer.


12. Monthly bank statements shall be read to the meeting.


Subsection E: The Financial Secretary


  • Shall collect and record all the funds of the association then turn them over to the treasurer. At the end of the meeting the financial secretary gives the financial statements to the secretary who shall read it out to the general assembly.

  • Shall be responsible for keeping the association's financial records and expense receipts.

  • Shall give financial report during the general meeting quarterly. An annual audit shall be done by November of each year.

4. Shall provide all financial books in an audit that shall be conducted at least once a year, or as deemed necessary by the general assembly.

5. shall pay any association funds received by him/her but not accounted for.

6. Shall obtain receipt from and funds handed to the treasurer.

7. Shall remind and or make public a list of members owing the association.


Subsection F: Chief Whip


1. Shall registered new members and introduce them to the general assembly during the meetings. Shall be responsible for ensuring orderly conduct during the general assembly meeting and social functions without the use of physical force. Shall be responsible for drawing up the hosting roster.


2. Shall collect and submit late coming fines to the financial secretary.


3. Shall organize and monitor elections.


4. Members shall channel their complaints and concerns through the chief whip.


Subsection G: The Public Relations/Social Secretary


1. Shall be responsible for organizing and publicizing the programs of the association as approved by the general meeting.


2. Shall inform members in writing or in phone calls about the meeting at least seven (7) days in advance.


3. Shall seek to encourage new membership registration to the association.



Subsection H: Women's representative


1. A female member shall work closely with the executive in the execution of special functions such as coordination of cooking, BBQ, meeting uniforms, dance, songs, and other occasions organized by the association.


2. Shall sick solutions to create harmony, peace, and counseling among the women folks. The vice female chief shall closely assist the women chief in the accomplishment of these responsibilities.


Subsection I: Advisers


1. There shall be a council of advisers comprising of seven (7) members appointed by the chief and approved by the general assembly.


2. The chief on very difficult/special matters shall consult the advisers.


3. The council shall convene at an appropriate time and place and shall make recommendations on matters affecting the association to the executives.


4. The term of the council shall be the same as that of the executives that created it.

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