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Article 7: Elections, Term of office and transfer of Power.


Section 1


The executive committee shall come to an end and a new one shall be elected during the month of November meeting of every two (2) years. The handing over ceremony takes place in the month of December and sponsored by the meeting at an agreed location. An independent audit report, all records, financial documents, items, and properties belonging to the association must be transferred to the new administration by the old one on or before the month of December.


a) Only registered active members shall be allowed to vote in general meeting.

b) Only registered active members shall be allowed to run for office.

c) Interested candidates shall run as individuals.

d) A maximum of three (3) nominations shall be accepted for each office.

e) each term of office shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms.

f) Any candidates with a simply majority vote is considered elected for office.

g) The elections shall be by secret ballot. Each member shall vote for only one (1) candidate per office. Any member who wishes to abstain must indicate such in the ballot paper.

h) By-elections shall be held at general meetings in any case of vacancies after the general elections.


Section 2: Resignation


a) Resignation from any office shall be done in writing to the general assembly two (2) weeks prior to the general meeting wherein it will be considered.


b) Should the chief wish to resign, he or she must submit a resignation letter to the general assembly at least two (2) weeks prior to the general meeting wherein it will be considered.


Article 8: Finance


Section 1: Banking


a) Regular checking account shall be opened at the bank of the association's choice.


b) Funds shall be deposited in the bank at least three (3) working days, following that wherein it was collected.


c) The signatories to the association's account are the financial secretary, the chief, and the treasurer.

d) All meeting expenditures shall be backed by proper receipts for audit purpose and accountability.

e) All disbursements must be regulated and agreed upon by the general assembly before effected.



Section 2: Auditing


a) A statement of account shall be presented in writing to the general assembly.

b) three (3) members shall be nominated by the general meeting for the task of auditing. Although the chief shall direct the nomination process and commission the team afterward, the executives committee shall have no influence on this team.

c) The audit report shall be presented to the general assembly in December.



Section 3: Fund Raising


Fund raising actives may be organized by the general meeting. The chairman of the fund raising committee shall be appointed by the general meeting. Such appointment shall be made on an ad-hoc basis only.



Article 9: Activities


Section 1: Upper Banyang Day (BBQ)


a) The second (2nd) Saturday of July each year shall be designated Upper Banyang day. All members shall be required to be in uniform or pay a fine of $20.00.


b) The association day shall be in the form of a potluck picnic or as determined by the social committee and may also involved cultural activities. Failure to attend without a good reason shall attract a fine of $10.00


c) Members may be asked to contribute food and drinks to the event. Funds may be taken from the association coffers for the event if the general assembly deems it necessary.


d) The association also welcome sponsors and donors for such and related events.


e) The details of this party worked out by the social committee shall be presented to the general meeting at the last meeting before the party. The amount shall be agreed upon by the general assembly. Funds shall be disbursed at the June meeting and all members shall be assigned to carry out particular tasks.


Section 2: Our Children


a) Children shall represent a visible and integral part of this association.

b) Members are encourage to attend meetings with their children.



Section 3 Miscellaneous Activities


a) Any activity or activities contain in the executives committee's yearly manifesto

b) Members are encourage to continually submit any new ideas to the general assembly.

c) An active member is one who has paid all dues and attain at least 60% of the meetings held in a year.

d) The association shall embark on other projects subject to the availability of funds.

e) A member in good standing is a member who has paid all his dues.



Article 10: Review of the Constitution


Section 1: Amendment



This constitution is subject to addition, changes, and amendments from time to time as the situations warrants in accordance with the following provisions.


a) Any proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the chief at least two (2) weeks before the general meeting wherein it shall be motioned by the members.


b) At the next general meeting, the motion shall be debated on. Decision on the motion shall be taken in the form of a vote.


c) An amendment can be carried out by either appointment of a review committee or by following volunteers.




By placing our signature on this document, we attest that this constitution was debated, discussed, and adopted by us, the general assembly.




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