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  1. Grace Tabi epse Nnoko

  2. Manga Ayuk epse Enoh

  3. Manyi Njang Mariana

  4. Ernest Nnoko

  5. Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor

  6. Emmanuel Mondi

  7. Belta Mondi

  8. Mariana Mkem

  9. Solomon Agbor

  10. Alice Agbor

  11. Regina Ayompe

  12. Rebecca Mondi

  13. Mami Rebecca Orock

  14. Celine Mangeb

  15. Esther Ngware

  16. Martha Akombi

  17. Celine Ndip

  18. Apai Hellina Ntantang

  19. Stephen tabi mbu

  20. Manga Pedro

  21. Dora Arrey

  22. Christy Tabi

  23. Jose Eyong

  24. Alice Baiye

  25. Martha Akombi

  26. Florence Achou

  27. John Tanyi

  28. Daina Tambe

  29. Angelina Manga

  30. Emilia Tabe

  31. Orock Samuel

  32. Diana Agbornchong

  33. Judith Enow

  34. Solomon Agbor Mbe

  35. Annie Tabi

  36. Etta Manga

  37. Ebangha Tambe

  38. Elvis Tabi

  39. Susan Tabe

  40. Martha Atabongnkeng

  41. Michael Atabongnkeng

  42. Andreas Tabe

  43. Bechemanyor A Ebini

  44. Briane Abane

  45. Sandra Amey Atong

  46. Nzodo Ebai

  47. Enowtabong Banjamin Egbe

  48. Agbor Mary Ayuk

  49. Enow Alima (Visitor)

  50. Enow Theresia (Visitor)

  51. Eyisab Anyi (Visitor)


Host location: Mr & Mrs. Bechem Ebini's Residence


The meeting started at about 9:06pm with the reading and adoption of the agenda.


Opening Prayers: A word of prayer was then given by Mrs Bertha Mondi, who thanked God for His Grace and called on Him to destroy all negative forces against the growth of the meeting, and for God to continue to guide us in our deliberations.


The president then welcomed all and thanked the hosting group for their sacrifice always, and gave the floor to Mr Bechemanyor Achou who also welcomed all to his new house, stating it was the first group he and his family were hosting ever since they moved to this property.




The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the SG and adopted by the first lady Mrs Manga Ayuk and Mami Judith Enow

Matters Arising:


Mrs Manga Ayuk reminded members who miss out on meeting sessions, to try and catch up on issues, in order not to bring controversies as has been the recent situation with the whatsapp group situation and the lack of respect on group made decisions. In this same light, members expressed their displease with the entire conflicts that came up on the group, and re-enforced the fact that only meeting related issues should be posted on the forum and failure of which, such member in default will be removed from the forum.

Sister Helen reported that she did not like the way her inquiry on the forum was responded to, and the president apologized on behalf of the meeting, and called on members to mind how the phrase their responses to others to avoid misunderstandings.


Other Matters

Chief Mondi with respect to constitutional amendment, pleaded for the meeting to give him more time so he can get in touch with some members, get some work done and provide feedback in the next meeting. The president suggested that general assembly members opt to assist, because he did not want this constitutional amendment to be an “Exco thing”.

The president then suggested the meeting brainstorm on what ways the meeting could assist our distressed families back home with the recent crisis. Dr. Solomon then shed light on how other group contributions have been going through the Catholic Church Mamfe Diocese, and suggested we do same, advising we make the contributions and putting it together with other manyu subgroups so the amount sent can be significant and represented as from the entire manyu population in the DMV area. Mr Bechemanyor caution that we should be careful not to appear as political sympathizers, but humanitarians. The meeting agreed on a voluntary donation which was immediately collected by the Vice chief Mr Bechemanyor, which came up to $600 in cash/checks, and $230 in pledges.


Mrs Manga Ayuk suggested the meeting gets a new uniform that could be lunched in December and constitute a fund raiser to further go towards the project. Mami Mariana in this light, expressed concerns as to members not using the uniform as required, and that getting a new one without resolving the issue of uniform law compliance, will be a waste of money. Several members argued in this same line, and after much hesitation, it was agreed that a new uniform will be bought to be opened in December but meantime, the old uniform will be work every four months and during condolence visits, as originally stipulated.

Members were encouraged to show their support to others during condolence visits, and Mami Marianna expressed the concern that some of them have a challenge with rides and so members should give them their phone numbers so they can call when they need a ride to such events.


Members were reminded of their yearly dues and the amount to be met by the first quarter which is about $63. And that finance were going on as the meeting went on.


  • The first lady Mrs Manga Ayuk epse Enoh, announced the career success of she and her wife Mrs Angelina Manga, as the newest RN’s in the DMV area, and in her usual manner, offered every member present, a valentine’s Day gift.

  • Dr. Solomon announced the rebound of MECA USA and called on members to take a weekend off to come to Atlanta for the get together to happen in about three or four months’ time, so they can see the number. He also announced the passing of a one-time MECA President Julius Oben, and encouraged members to show their support during the wake even though most of them might not know him personally but that he had been very instrumental in the manyu community in the past. He on this note reminded members of getting registered with COMBAS reminding them of how beneficial it is.

Introduction of new members/visitors:


  • Dr. Solomon introduced a visitor Mr Divine Takem, who was said he admired the solidarity he has seen, and encouraged members to continue with the development ideas.

  • Ms Diana Tambe introduced a new member Mr Ebong from manyemen, who said he had come to stay.

  • Mr Benjamin Enow introduced his aunt Mrs Ayuk Agbor Mary from Cameroon who said she had come to the US to stay.

  • Mrs Christy Tabi introduced her family Ms Eyisab Lucy Anyi, Ms Theresia Enow and Ms Alima Enow, who said they were visiting.

  • The president introduced her sister Mrs Florence Mbe Achou, who said she had come this time to stay.

  • The SG announced the rebirth of the dancing competition, and that the prices this year will be different from what they had been in the past.


Closing Remark

The president on this note, thanked members again for coming, and declared the meeting officially ended. There was eating, drinking and dancing to conclude the night.




          President:                                                                                                Secretary General

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                 Mrs. Grace Nnoko


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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