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1) Grace Tabi epse Nnoko

2) Manga Ayuk epse Enoh

3) Manyi Njang Mariana

4) Ernest Nnoko

5) Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor

6) Emmanuel Mondi

7) Belta Mondi

8) Mariana Mkem

9) Solomon Agbor

10) Alice Agbor

11) Hortance Keudem

12) Marie Louise

13) Mami Rebecca Orock

14) Celine Mangeb

15) Martha Akombi

16) Grace Akwo

17) Apai Hellina Ntantang

18) Enow Adolf

19) Sophie Achuo

20) Ferdinand Achuo

21) Bechem Ndeh

22) Jose Eyong

23) Alice Baiye

24) Emmanuel Tabi 

25) Florence Achou

26) John Tanyi

27) Daina Tambe

28) Susan Ebai Eyong

29) Emilia Tabe

30) Orock Samuel

31) Delphine Ayamba

32) Judith Enow

33) Solomon Agbor Mbeh

34) Mary Mbeh

35) Etta Manga

36) Samuel Nkwanchung

37) Susan Tabe

38) Martha Atabongnkeng

39) Michael Atabongnkeng

40) Tambi Mforsong

51) Bechemanyor A Ebini

42) Sandra Arrey Atong

43) Mary A. Ayuk

44) Nzodo Ebai

45) Mary Ayuk Tambe

46) Alethia Ndeso

47) Marot Ndeso

48) Stella Ayuk

49) Sandra Enoh (New m'ber)

50) Paul Mbu Eyong(New m'ber)

51) Clara Mforsong (Visitor)

52) Ebot Tambi(Visitor)

53) Rose Njang(Visitor)


Host location: Mr & Mrs. Achuo Tanyi Residence


The meeting started at about 8:43pm with 22 members, and the reading of the agenda by the President. The agenda was adopted by Mamie Grace Akwo and Mr. Eta Manga

Opening Prayer: A word of prayer was given by the President who thanked God for 2019 and asked God to see us through 2020. He asked the Lord to touch and grant the wishes of each and every member. Lastly he prayed for good health and abundant wealth.

2019 Reflection:

The president then started on a positive note by thanking members for their commitment throughout the previous year and gave a rundown of some gains we made such as:

                    - new members registration up 10%

                    - 2 big events with huge turnout ( BBQ and End of Year Party)

                    - The image of the meeting is very positive in this community and is due to a collective effort.

The chief also spoke on some of the challenges that we had as a meeting:

                    - People not coming to the meeting on time

                - Some members not contributing their annual dues which is not good because the meeting needs this money to operate.

                    - Expenditure, he said is irresponsible for the meeting to spend a lot of money like we did last year. He suggested we cut down on some of our activities.

                    - Most men are not buying drinks when assigned for bereavement event and this is very sadden

                   - The chief said some members are not committed and he would like to see that change this year.

The chief concluded by asking every member to read his full 2019 reflection on our whatsapp forum.


The minutes of the November meeting were read by the Vice-President, corrected by Mrs. Alice Baiye with respect to her stepping down as the women coordinator because of poor health only and no personal problem as per the minutes. With only that single change made, the minutes were adopted by Mrs. Alice Baiye and brother Enow Adolf.

 *Matters Arising*

There were no matters arising from the meeting minutes.


 *Other Matters*

The chief said every meeting the executives will present a financial report for what came in the previous month and also expenditure if there is any. The chief also said he will present a bank account statement every month. Mamie Martha Akombi suggested that names of those members who have paid their dues and those who still owe should be read in the meeting but the chief responded that all the names will be published on our whatsapp forum because reading the names during meeting will take a lot of time.

A member (Sister Helen) who was scheduled to host for January failed to do so. Prince Enoh-Ebika says he reached out to her and she said she hosted in November but he checked and didn't find her name in the November hosting list.

After a long debate about exemptions for members who could not host during their hosting month and after series of analogies from Mr. Tambi Mforsong and others, the meeting came to a conclusion that there should be no exceptions/exemptions.

Mrs. Sophie Achuo asked what the situation would be for a member who have been inactive for more than a year and wanted to come back. The president responded saying that if you pay part of your dues in one year then leave for more than a year, when you came back, you will only complete the dues for the year that you were a member but owed the meeting, and then register for the new year as a new member with the 90days the meeting probation period within which you are ineligible for any benefits.In order for the meeting to cut down on expenditures Mrs. Martha Atabongkeng suggested that we do just a one event each year, alternating between BBQ and End of Year Party.


The president apologized on behalf of the financial secretary for not having his complete report ready for last year because of some family engagement but promise to have everything ready by next meeting.

Mr. Sam clarified members about their past dues. He said if you owe past dues and you're making payments for this year, your money will be shifted to your pass dues. He said let us be honest with ourselves because some people will complete their dues for this year but forget that they are still owing for the previous year(s)


The chief gave the floor to Mrs. Grace Nnoko to briefe the meeting on the decisions following the exco meeting which were as follows;

               - Members with different skills will be given 5-10mins each meeting to provide educative talks in their respective field of expertise.

               - Our kids will be taught kayang and the traditional dance.

               - A tablet/Laptop of not more than $300 will be made available to the Secretariat department to promote their job.

               - Meeting will work on buying a hall.


The chief officially presented two awards, one for life time achievements to doctor Solomon Agbor and the other a services award to Mr. Solomon Mbeh.

Doc Solomon said he was honored to receive this award and thanked the members for acknowledging him. He also used the opportunity to let members know he stepped down as ComBass insurance Administrator, but encouraged members to maintain their membership. He also said his mandate as president of Meca DC has ended and there is a new president, introducing Prince Enoh-Ebika AshuAgobr as the new Meca DC president.

Prince Enoh-Ebika thanked Dr. Solomon and pledged to carry on and event to make Meca greater than it is now, so he encourages members to start attending meetings. He says he knows people have refused to belong to MECA either because they are disgruntle or for other reasons but he is ready to explore solutions to bring all of Manyu children together and so in the coming days he will call a meeting of delegates from all associations of manyu in the DMV, so they can find possible ways to move the association forward.

Mr. Solomon Mbeh also thanked the meeting for acknowledging him and for their support during his time of mourning, presenting the meeting with a big bottle of Hennessy.


 *Introduction of new members/visitors*

      - Mrs. Mary Mbeh (brother Solo Mbeh's sister) visiting

     - Miss. Sandra Enoh (Prince Enoh-Ebika daughter) new member

     - Mr. Ebot Tambi from England village (Eyangatemako)

    - Mrs. Rose Njang from German (mamie M Njang' sister) aspiring m'ber

      - Mr. Tambu (Returning m'ber)

      - Mami Clara Mforsong (Mr. Tambi Mforsong's mother)


 *Closing Remarks*

The president thanked members immensely for attending this first meeting he said the turn out is great and very encouraging. He went further to thank the hosting group for their provisions of food and drinks, and the hosting family for having us.

With that, the president declared the meeting officially closed.



 *_Mrs Grace Nnoko*_


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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