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Good morning family hope everyone is having a great day. This is just a reminder that our Upper Banyang family meeting is scheduled for  Saturday January 14th 2023 in person  Remember this is the first  meeting of the year  so please let's try to be there on time 




1. Chief Emmanuel Tabi 240-423-7300

2. Dr. Michael Nkongho 240-481-7699 

3. Mr. Milton Tanjong 240-550-2526

4. Ms. Sandra Atong 443-854-1439

5. Ms. Tracy Agbor 240-377-6347

6. Ms. Margaret Ebangha 202-286-1226

7. Marot Ndeso 

8. Alethia Ndeso 



Date: Saturday January 14th, 2023


Venue: Tracy Agbor Residence 

             2314 Alstead Lane

             Bowie, MD 20716     


Time: 8pm to 10pm 



Chief E. Tabi

Proposed Agenda for October meeting:

1) Opening prayer


2) Welcome speech from president


3) Reading of minutes


4) Amendment/adoption


5) Matters arising


6) Other matters:

- Hosting

- Constitution amendment.

7) Finance


8) Introduction of new members.


9) Excuses/announcements


10) Closing remarks


11) Entertainment


To suggest or proposed an item on the agenda please click on the link below!form__map/c24vq

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