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  1. Eyong Jose

  2. Marot Ndeso

  3. Bechemanyor Njok Ebini

  4. Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor

  5. Emmanuel Mondi

  6. Patience Ebini

  7. Martha Akombi

  8. Dr. Solomon Agbor

  9. Belta Mondi

  10. Emmanuel Tabi

  11. Juliana Ashukem

  12. Grace Tabi

  13. Stephen Ebai

  14. Bechemayor Achuo Ebini

  15. Eta-Manga Pedro

  16. Joan Essim

  17. Enowtabong Benjamin Egbe

  18. Lionel Essim

  19. Alethia Ndeso

  20. Gace Akwo Sr

  21. Sessakou Elias Akwo         

  22. Judith Bawak

  23. Samuel Orock

  24. Maurice Tabe

  25. Beyang Taku-Ayuk

  26. Dr. Alice Agbor

  27. Philomena Tabe

  28. Viviane Tabi 

  29. Diana Agbornchong

  30. Enow Ashu

  31. John Tanyi Tabe

  32. Mariana Nkem

  33. Briane Michael

  34. Helen Eneke

  35. Rebeca Orock

  36. Solomon Mbe

  37. Alice Enow Oben

  38. Yvonne Obenson

  39. Dickson Esakenong

  40. Tambi Mforsong

  41. Martha Atabongakeng

  42. Michael Atabongakeng

  43. Besong Tabot David

  44. Susan Tabe

  45. Martha Ndumbe Eyong

  46. Joan Ndumbe

  47. Richard Chu

  48. Santana Manyi

  49. Agbor Milton

  50. Obenny Tiku

  51. Alice Baiye

  52. Enow Otto

  53. Ekwe Sophie

  54. Eunice

  55. Dora Arrey

  56. Njang Manfred

  57. Joseph Tabe



Absence with Notification


  • - Auntie Lydia Tabi

    - Mr Ashukem

    - Linda Rose

  • - Taba Eseme

    - Frida Eseme







Host location: Aunty Joan Essim's Residence


The meeting started at 8:20pm with eighteen members on roll. The president Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor welcomed everyone present while reiterating how wonderful it is for us to meet every month to identify problems of our community and to seek lasting solutions as well as to socialize. The president disclosed the agenda of the day which was moved correct as a working document by Mrs. Ashukem, and seconded by Dr. Mrs. Solomon.


Opening Prayers: The opening prayer was led by Dr.Mrs. Solomon who interceded powerfully for the sick especially for Mrs. Taba Frida, Mr. Ashukem and Pa Akwo.


The minutes were read with the following amendment: that the sum of $5000.00 voted for a bereaved member family could be a privilege for MECA DC but a right to UPBACDA. The minutes were then moved correct for discussions by Emmanuel Tabi and Grace Tabi respectively.


Matters Arising:

The President Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor’s idea to hold on to the project and consolidate a stronger group first was unanimously accepted by the general assembly. He continued by making common knowledge the fact that the upper bayang association had been for eight years without losing a member (2007-2015). In a pensive mood he welcomed Pa Betah and Donald and gave them an opportunity to address the general assembly. Pa Betah thanked the president and said his wife was not sick for a very long time but by the time they tried to fix things, it happened. He acknowledged the wonderful role the group played in his wife’s passing and said they might not become members but the bond his wife established should not be broken. He thanked God for her life, and said God has taking her but was blessed with a new born baby girl in his family. He requested an invite should we have any event that require financial support. He thanked the group and said other associations are copying us.


In response the president said we were honored to have them and continued life would not be complete if there was no death. He also acknowledged the note and drinks they brought to support the meeting.


Reflecting on Mrs. Betah’s funeral, Dr. Mrs. Solomon said normally we had to visit the bereaved family every day with food but it was limited because of the distance.


Constitutional Review:

The president said the group has undergone changes or better still mutations that require constitutional amendments to meet the present realities: Bereavement: Response when a person is alive? Instead of removing money from the coffers, he proposed a coup de Coeur (free will donation) and threw it to the general assembly.


Dickson said we needed a structure for sickness but was clarified we already have one ($100). Grace added that the structure should also cater for members who are seriously sick but not hospitalized. The president requested Dickson to make some recommendations and present to the group. Dr. Mrs. Solomon supported the president’s stance but insisted that there should be a bench mark.



A vote for a bbq was conducted because we were a month to the event and it was obscure if it could take place. With a 21 vote for and 4 against votes, the bbq was scheduled for June 13th at Pa Akwo’s residence.



The president reiterated the need to be up to date financially with the group and reminded members that they are supposed to have contributed a hundred dollars as per the June meeting.



An audit committee was set up to check and balance the finances of the group. It comprises of Dickson, Besong David, Aunty Philomina and Dr. Mrs. Solomon Agbor. Still under finances, Mr. Otto was very bitter and threatened to stop making contributions to the group because he had never been given papers to file for taxes?



Dr. S.A., encouraged members to enroll for the bereavement fund COMBASS under MECA DC. He also announced that MECA DC was going to launch a scholarship fund with selection of students from 4 sub divisions in Manyu. He finally announced the launching of their magazine MABAG in August the 29Th.

Mrs. Ashukem thanked the group for their prayers and support following the illness of her hubby who she reported is recovering at home.

David Besong announced the passing into eternity of chief Difang.


New member introduction:

* Santana Manyi Agborchi Ndakor, Agbor Milton, Mariot Adeso, Eunice, Ekwe Sophie visiting, Mr. Richard Chu and Mrs. Vivian Tabi.

* Trivia: Pa Maurice won the dance competition

The meeting came to an end at 10:43pm as the president thanked everyone for coming and their active participation during deliberations.


Next meeting scheduled for August 8th, 2015  Location Stephen Ebai's Residence



          President:                                                                                                Deputy Secretary

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                    Jose Eyong


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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