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Host location: The Atabongekeng's Residence


The meeting started at about 9:45 PM with the reading and adoption of the agenda.

Opening Prayers: A word of prayer was then given by Mrs Ashukem, who thanked God for His Grace and called on Him to bring members on their way, safe and continue to guide us in our deliberations.

The president in his usual manner thanked all for making it to the meeting in spite of their busy schedules. He thanked the hosting team, reminding members that it is not an obligation, and that even though it is a duty, he recognizes the sacrifice of members and they are appreciated.



Due to the absence of the SG at the start of the meeting as she was held up by the meeting’s secretariat duties, the president went ahead to read the minutes of the last meeting which was adopted by ……………………………………………………………………………...

Matters Arising:


Being the meeting following our Fundraiser, it was therefore suggested that a report about the event be given, while Mr Jose suggested that members be given the opportunity to make their observations as to the event. On that note, he appreciated the MCs for motivating guests to donate, which played a great role towards the success of the event. Chief Mondi appreciated Chief Solomon Agbor for his excellent presentation of the project through the slid show, which he believed sold the project. The first lady also appreciated the women for their efforts in making food available, and noted that there was too much food and so next time we will cook less.

The President then suggested that members announce their ticket account as to what was sold and what wasn’t, so as to provide better financial accountability. As that was going on, Chief Solomon Agbor took the floor in giving an update on the fundraiser, stating the amount that came in so far both from member contributions, cash through ticket sales, checks as well as online payment. He also gave an estimation as to what is expected to come in through Tables, and this gave us a net amount that will be in as $25,000, which will include all other incomes still to come in, minus the total expenditure. He further said since this is below our estimated cost of the project, we could reduce the size of the project say from 6 to 3 units so as to achieve the same goal even though on a smaller scale. Mrs Annie Tabi suggested we give it sometime and think about something else we can do to help our people’s plight right now following the crisis in Cameroon, rather than embark on the same project as it seems too big to be accomplished with our limited resources. Other members expressed hesitance as to carrying out the project in general, and some suggested that the income be diverted to a different project which will be small and yet achievable with the amount we now have. The president however stated that considering we requested people to contribute towards this project, and so it will not reflect good if we now report to our benefactors that we did something else with their monies.

Other Matters

The meeting was asked to deliberate as to how the project monies which are still to be collected, could be done effectively. Mrs Ashukem suggested that the project money should not be added on member’s dues as suggested by the president, and after deliberations by members and the inability to suggest a better means of recovering the money from members who have not yet completed their project money, it was agreed upon by the general assembly that the money by added on member’s dues for next year, which will now be spread throughout next year so members can pay conveniently following the quarterly rule of paying dues.

The president gave Maître Nkwanchong the certificate of recognition of UPBACDA by the congress, to be presented to the meeting


Mr Sam Orock gave a financial statement, and that as of 9/05/2017, our account balance was at $24671.04, and from then up until 9/13/17 we had 2745.73 as of 10/02/17, we had 28416.73, and then today 10/14/17 at 11:04am, the balance was 32644.98, and that this included the project. The president then clarified that project money in that account is about $11,000 leaving about $22,000 as meeting money. Mr also orock gave out receipts to members stating their amount paid and what is due, and also announced that Lady K says she had paid in $100 to someone but it was not registered so members should think if that was given to them because he and the treasurer have no record of that. Members were also called upon at this time to see the financial secretary for any payments as well as discrepancies.

The president then called on members to reflect on what they want to do for the December meeting, and bring feedback during the next meeting, suggesting that since we have already been so financially burden during this year, we should not have an end of year party.


  • Mami Diana announced her business, and encouraged members to support her.

  • Mr Enow thanked the meeting with a bottle of Hennessey, for their support following the passing of his mother.

  • Chief Ebini announced the birth of his daughter two months ago.

  • Mami Judith Enow announced that her son has joined her from Cameroon and will be with the meeting when he can.



Closing Remarks:

The president then thanked members again for coming, and on that note, declared the meeting officially close, and there was eating, drinking and dancing to conclude the night.



Next meeting scheduled for November 11th, 2017  Location Mr. & Mrs. Atem Ayong's Residence

   address 2932 Galeshead Dr Upper Marlboro, MD 20774



          President:                                                                                                 Secretary General

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                    Grace Tabi


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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