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Host location: The President's Residence


 The meeting started at about 9:51pm with the reading of the agenda which was adopted by Dr Solomon Agbor and Mr Tambe.

Opening Prayers: A word of prayer was given by Mrs Oben, who thanked God for His Grace and called on Him to bring members on their way, safe.


The president in his usual manner thanked all for braising the weather and making it to the meeting especially Mr/Mrs Tambe all the way from Virginia, as well as Mr Ernest Oben. He thanked the hosting team, reminding members that it is not an obligation, and that even though it is a duty, he recognizes the sacrifice of members. He then reminded members that it was the last meeting before the fundraiser and members should bring positive inputs to promote the successes of the upcoming event. He also said the meeting will be bringing back the dance competition tradition of UPBACDA to increase social interactions during the monthly meetings.


The minutes were read by the SG, and moved by Chief Mondi and Chief Solomon Agbor.

Matters Arising:

         Mrs Grace Nnoko inquired for feedback as to the meeting that was supposed to be held between the two UPBACDAs to discourse reconciliation. The president responded that he had called Chief Robinson to confirm that our Association was ready to reconcile, but Chief Robinson informed him that the other Association said they were too busy to talk about the reconciliation, and so there was no further information with regards to that.

Other matters:



Chief Solomon Agbor suggested that meeting Uniforms be worn for the fundraiser but after much deliberations, the meeting agreed that members should “Dress to impress” while the meeting uniform could be used as part of the décor.

Then president then presented that tickets and flyers for the fundraiser, and members were encouraged to take as much as they can, and to bring names of those who buy so as to send them a letter of ‘Thanks’, as well as to bring back any unsold tickets to the meeting for accounting purposes.

Mr Ernest Oben reminded members of time consciousness, in order not to keep our quests waiting for us and the president emphasized that members be at the hall by 7:30pm.

Mrs Mary Tambe asked about the means of recognizing members that at the table, suggesting that invitations be printed for all members to take.

Mr Tambe also suggested that there should be mass production of invitations to the number of at least 6 per Table, of the 22 tables. After some deliberations as to the necessity of mass production of invitations since members are already buying tables and their guests will obviously sit with them, it was concluded that invitations will be printed out and members can pick them up at the president’s resident during the weeks leading to the even.  

After some deliberations on how to proceed with recognizing people as to their tables, the president indicated that someone will be at the gate with a list to that respect.

Mrs Atabongkeng gave a rundown of names of members who had paid their fundraiser contribution either completely or in part, and encouraged members to keep making their payments. She also suggested that one table be set aside for invitees from our sister association Eyumojock Sub-division.

The president appreciated those who have paid and called on others to make their payments.

Members were called to give names of Associations they know so special invitations could be sent to them, and the first lady Mrs Enoh-Bika gave the name of Fako Elements Cultural & Development Association MD.

Mrs Tambe also gave the name of MECCA Delaware


  • Mrs Tambe introduced her younger sister Mrs Fonchap Frida.

  • Mr Oben Ernest Apologized for his absence, and said he will do his best to come as often as he can.

  • Mrs Atabongkeng announced the 50th Birthday Anniversary of Dr Alice Agbor, scheduled for Sept 23rd 2017.

  • Mrs Enoh-Bika announced the ‘double digit’ birthday celebration of their daughter Agelica Enow Ashu, who turns 10yrs on Sept 16th 2017, exclusively for younger kids.

  • Mr Jose Eyong appreciated all those who made it to the grand opening of his fashion boutique on August the 5th, that he had prepared a lot of food expecting the entire UBACDA but there were not very many of them there and encouraged others to stop by anytime for designer’s wear.

  • Mr Samuel Orock informed members that he has been going going around giving members receipts for their payments, and that they can call him for any questions.


Closing Remark

The president then thanked members again for coming, and that discussions with regards to the fundraiser, will continue on over the phone. And on that note, he declared the meeting officially close, and there was eating, drinking and dancing to conclude the night.


Next meeting scheduled for October 14th, 2017  Location The Atabongkeng Residence



  Prepared by the Secretary General                                                                                              

  Mrs. Grace Nnoko                                                             


If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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