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Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq



The meeting started at about 8:38 with about 22 members, and the reading of the agenda by the secretary. 


Opening Prayers: A word of prayer was given by Mrs Atabongkeng who called on God to guide our deliberations, keep us all safe especially our families in Cameroon who are going through the crisis.


Welcome Remarks: The president then thanked the hosting group for their sacrifice in making food and drinks available to us and the Atabongkeng’s family for providing their residence even though not a part of the hosting group, to assist the host team who could not provide a big enough venue. He also thanked the general assembly for their commitment to the association for making it there each time to sit together as a family. The president then asked to introduce a new member Mr Peter Nkem who had found his number from our website and called to find out about the meeting, and had made it there with a little he will himself introduced when the time comes.



The minutes of the last meeting were then read by the secretary, and adopted by Mr Solomon, and seconded by the first lady.


Matters Arising:

Mami Lydia Tabi asked for clarification as to the due date for the fundraiser contributions, and was clarified as being before was set for mid-June.


Mr Stephen introduced himself as a new but one time old member, and expressed concerns as to the mix information he has had earlier on from some members before the meeting officially started, with respect to monetary requirements from members, and what the $150 for the project was all about. Mrs Atabongkeng gave clarifications, giving him a background knowledge as to the meeting’s tradition of picking a project every now and then depending on the executive in power, and how these projects are carried out through fundraising in which the members are taxed separately from their normal yearly dues which was the result of the separate amounts mentioned. The president suggested he gives his email address and he could email him a detail as to the emergency unit project which is aimed for stabilization purposes, making reference to the situation with his brother who went home visiting and ended up at the health center which is aimed for the emergency unit.



Other Matters: 

Under other matters, members were referred to Mrs Atabongkeng to start paying their project monies as agreed during the last meeting.

The first lady proposed that the receipts for the fundraiser be available in good time so members can have enough time to sell, because she is particularly in need of a handful. The president responded to that saying that a receipt booklet with maybe 10reciepts per booklet, will be made available during the next meeting. He also reiterated that the receipts are not a most, but members are encouraged to take as many as possible, explaining that the booklets will have a part you cut out and give those buying, and a section within to record the amount they contributed, in order to keep track of the contributions coming in. The president also reminded members to send in emails of their relatives and friends her and elsewhere, so they can be forwarded the project plan in detail while requesting for financial support. Mrs Ashunkem remarked that people were not aware to bring in emails, and so that should be put for next meeting. Mami Lydia also added that we might need a flyer to distribute as not everyone has access to their emails, and she inquired whether or not this project will be accomplished only by UPBACDA MD or those of other states. The president responded that he has tried to make contact with a few of the branches in other states, but the response has not been encouraging. Pa Maurice clarified that this is “Our project”, and other are only called up to support but not as an obligation. Mrs Ashunkem agreed with Mami Lydia’s suggestions of flyers, and added that we should use face book and other social medias to publicize the flyers. Mr Jose also suggested that the emails of contacts be sent through the group forum, since waiting until next meeting might already mean losing a whole month but using the forum will help us gain time for those who are on the group forum.



The financial secretary gave a run down as to the 2016 financial compliance, stating that by Nov 2016, 76 members did not complete their dues, and from then to January 2017, we now have 36 members still owing for 2016 with the highest amount being $250. He also clarified that these members are still active since they owe this much only because when they bring their contributions, he sends it to their back payments. Mr Sam also inquired if old members are still made to pay the $10 re-registration., and the president clarified that it was no longer the case, and that new members pay their registration of $20 and the yearly dues of $250, while the old members only pay their $250. The financial secretary explained how the payments are made quarterly, and Mrs Ashunkem reminded members that even though the old members do not pay the re-registration, they have up to March of each year to pay in something to be considered members.


The president explained that if old members pay less than the required quarterly amount of $80 or what other amount the meeting decides on; such member will be considered member of inactive status which implies the forfeiting of their rights to benefits. The president reminded member as to the fact that $50 in the dues is for life insurance, and that members should declare their riders, so the meeting does not have to struggle with family members in case of an unfortunate situation of a member passing and the $10.000 is to be given to the family.


Mami Lydia suggested the financial secretary should each meeting give a run down as to the finances that came in, and Mr Sam replied that for Jan 2017 old debts collected were $435 and dues were $535 giving us $970. She also suggested that the financial department write curtesy letter to those owing dues, so as to remind them, and Mr Jose suggested the financial secretary should do that so should any member have issues, he can further clarify them. The list of those owing and the amount, was then read out.



The Vice Chief reiterated the fact that as member, we have a duty to host so he will put on our website the list of the hosting groups, and that should anyone have any inconveniences as to their scheduled host month or group, they should contact him and he will reschedule them to give everyone an opportunity to participated.

It was suggested the list be printed out and distributed to members, and the first lady opted to print it out for next meeting. The list was read as to the hosting group for March, and the Venue being Chief Mondi’s resident.

Sessekou Ebini expressed his concern as to being added to the group forum, and stated that he has expressed that concern for a while. Mrs Atabongkeng reminded members to contact Mr Emmanuel Tabi to be added to the group.

Mr Jose raised his concern about the meeting not visiting him nor give his package for the birth of his children, and if the meeting will give him $200 considering it was a set of twin. The president said the birth happened under the formal administration two years ago, and that he is not sure how we will proceed with this situation but we will talk about it in the next meeting.



Introduction of members:


Mr Peter Nkem introduced himself from Atibong Village, and his wife Miss Eni, starting that he is a new member.

Mrs Ayuk Mary, who stated that she is returning to Maryland, used to be a member but moved out of state and is now returning although has not fully moved back.

Mrs Helen Apia Ntangtang from Tinto, has been in MD for about 10months after being in so many states, and is here to register as a new member.

Mrs Dora Arrey from Yabassi and wife to a banyangi, who was here last year but as an inactive member, but is ready to be active now.

Mr Roland Tabe Ndip introduced himself as brother to Mrs Celine Ndip and that he was just visiting.

Mrs Pauline Ntangtang introduced herself as a returning member




Mrs Ashunkem excused her husband for being at work

Mr Peter Kima was said to be sick

Mr Bakia was also said to be busy

Mami Celine Mangeb announced the “born house” of her two grand kids, on March 18, and that she will be removing the sack cloth of her mother on the 19th of March, just with thanks giving at church and members are invited to join her to celebrate. She also said she will bring the detailed program during the next meeting and was encouraged to put it on the forum to give members awareness in good time.

The first lady gave Valentine’s day gifts for all members.


Closing Remark:

The president declared the meeting official closed at about 10:45, by reminding members of punctuality and the was refreshment and socialization.


Refreshment and socialization: As usual there was a lot food and drinks. Members enjoyed all the good food and drinks. Dancing continued downstairs until the wee hours of the morning.


Next meeting scheduled for March 11th, 2015 at the residence of Mr/Mrs. Mondi.

3205 Altair Lane UpperMarlboro, MD 20774.





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