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One of my main objectives has always been the empowerment of and the role of the Manyu woman in the decision-making processes in regard to community organizing. I will like to see the women actively accepting more resposibilties, challenges, and tactually aking the forefront in reorganizing our community and seeking positive strategies in dispute resolutions.


My leadership will be open to initiate or partake in dialogues with all other subdivisonal associations , and other Manyu groups to work in collaboration in fostering the cultural, socio-economic and developmental goals of the respective associations. It is only through such collaborative efforts, reciprocity and momentum that we can truly achieve meaningful milestones.


Through open dialogue, best practice exchanges and collaboration with other non-Manyu groups, we can aslo achieve a lot. Therefore, I will like to encourage all and sundry to step out of their comfort zones and reach out to other non-Manyu groups when there is a call for service and/or assistance.



Among other things, the focus of my leadership is to build and sustain a vibrant and structured association by increasing membership drive and commitments to the association through direct communication with, and reaching out to people in an attempt to looking for ways to provide incentives to folks to belong and feel that sense of belonging.


My executive, in collaboration with members of the association, will try to raise as much funds for the association through small and large scale fundraising events for the identified library project for our less privileged children in the Upper Banyang sub-division. Tinto will be the host village of the library.


I will focus on getting our Upper Banyang Elites here, at home and Abroad to build a solid network to foster developmental projects and ideologies of the association that will benefit our sub- division.

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