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 The meeting started at about 8:45pm with an opening prayer by Sister Joanne, and in the usually spirit of warmth and love, the president welcomed all to the meeting and expressed his happiness always to see them. It was mentioned that in subsequent meetings, people should be allowed to eat before and not during the meeting. The agenda was read and moved correct by Mrs Sam and Ashu.


Matters Arising:


Mrs Ashu suggested the issue of primary schools to be provided with books, as a much realizable project and that the Tinto project should be halted or reconsidered. She also expressed her concern as to the fact that the approval of the project was not noted in the last meeting.


The president suggested that a committee should be set up that will discuss how the projects will be carried out. He also called for volunteers to work towards the project and that hopefully by the end of the meeting, we should have some volunteers. The president also extended Mr manga’s gratitude for what the meeting did.


Mrs Ashukem suggested that the mayor should have reached out to other upper banyang groups to call on their support for the Tinto project, but the president said the Mayor could only come in to reiterate the fact but it is we the UPBACDA MD to reach out to branch groups to support considering the fact that it is our initiative so we should spear head the campaign for the support of the project.


With respect to the summer activity, Mrs Atabongkeng suggested beach cookout or cruise but the meeting unanimously agreed on BBQ and Mr Manga offered to host the event. There after, pledges started coming in and Mrs Atabongkeng was responsible for receiving the pledges. During this period, the president went ahead to talk about the volunteers for the project committee, and suggested Ms Sandra Atong, who said she is not promising anything but will think about it. The president also mentioned that besides he and his VP who will obviously be in the committee, he had spoken with Dr Solomon who agreed to be in there too, encouraging members that it will not be time consuming so they should not be reluctant to get involved. DR Solomon then spoke about the committee making an estimate and presenting it to the meeting in august for better clarity and understanding on how the project could be effectively carried out.




Mrs Regina Ayompe thanked the meeting for their support during the loss of her sister, and expressed her disappointment at those who called instead and where asking whether or not it was her real sister, and even saying she should go fine out why so many deaths in her family. The president in respond to that told her that she should know that who ever did that does not represent the meeting, as the meeting does sympathize with her for her loss.

Mr Sam Orock then had the floor and briefly kept the meeting updated about dues and due dates, reminding members to meet up with their financial obligations.

The president announced the passing of Mr Dickson Esakenong’s father, and that the wake will be on 06/18/16 and the meeting will be informed of the venue on the group chat.

Mrs Essie and Mrs Joan Ndumbe, announced that they will both be moving to Texas with their families.


New Members


There was a new member Mr Nso Deba, who just came from Cameroon but said he was just visisting the meeting with his aunt.


Closing Remark:

The president declared the meeting officially closed and the there was as usual eating, dancing and socialization.




Next  Meeting is BBQ venue the Manga's residence. July 12, 2016



Grace Tabi


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

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