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Hello once again good people of upacda, friends and well wishers. It's your press sec bringing you more updates on the upacda monthly get together and although this is coming at the end of the month, this month's get together went down on March 14th in Uppermalborow. As one might have thought that the excitement of the new year and new exco should have diminished by this time, this was far from it. This month's meeting had so much turn out and exciting activities that all who were present saw definite reason to never miss out on the fun each month. 


There was as usual the intelligent discussions on how to make a positive impact on the upper banyang subdivision in particular and manyu in general. Being a people who love to make a balance in life's activities, those serious talks where followed by cutting of March birthday cake as made available by the president, then the awarding of the trophy to the best dancer of February come together courtesy of Mr Emmanuel Tabi. 


Who could have imagined eating so much Ekwang in the US. Well quess who made it happened... the hosting theme.... Eating, drinking, socialization, making new friends(like i did ) and of course the month's dancing competition continued to the early hours of the morning.


Now I do not think you want to miss out on Saturday April 11th come together and the chance to cut a beautiful huge cake if you were born in that month. Also you stand a chance of competing in the dance and maybe being the next winner. And on another note, the very honor to be a part of the theme that is touching the lives of our mother nation and father's land. Long live upper banyang subdivision, Long live Manyu Division, Long live South West Region of Cameroon, Long live The Republic of Cameroon and Long live the USA. ...... Shalom.



by Grace Tabi

Press Secretary 

Upper Bayang members after meeting party

Upper Bayang members after meeting party

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