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Welcome Remarks:  The president once again thanked members for making it to the meeting and reminded us of the importance of attendance and the modalities that have been but in place to record attendance and absenteeism which include putting the attendance list online and the recording of permission for absences.

Amendments of the Previous Minutes: Mami Lydia Tabi amended a part of the minutes which said the association commissioned Mr Ashunkem to follow up on the association’s bank account in Cameroon. She explained that he raised the during the meeting when he said someone presented himself as  having authority from the president and collected money from Mr. Duke Manga on behalf of the association. The previous minutes was adopted and moved by Mami Lydia Tabi and Mami Grace Akwo


Matters Arising: The first issue on this part of the agenda was raised by the President who once again reiterated the fact that he did not assign anyone to collect money from Mr. Manga and that prior to this story he didn’t know of the account in question.  He went further to inform the association that he wasn’t aware of the quantity and specific items that we donated through Mr Manga because he didn’t have a list of the donations. However he spoke with Mr Manga who informed him that he received two delivery beds and nine combo chairs, of which he gave the beds to Tinto and not Eyang as was instructed by the association because Eyang already have such beds. As for the chairs, he gave then to GHS Tinto.

In response to the president, Dr. Agbor said he had a conversation with Mr. Manga who informed him the he gave his personal money to the individual who allegedly represented the association. As a result he of the opinion that the association should either decide to pay the money believing that this individual misrepresented the president or that Mr Manga didn’t act on behalf of the association which means he loses his money.


On his Part, Sessekou Ebini believes association should investigate this matter to the wire, so we can identify this individual who will eventually provide answers to the lingering questions.  This opinion was strongly supported by Mr. Dickson Esakenong who wanted to know if the president contacted his predecessor on this issue because he believes it’s the right thing to do. The president’s response was negative and took a moment to read his email conversation with Mr. Manga.


In an attempt to end the back and forth on this issue, Sessekou Ebini took the floor to express his dissatisfaction with the way the association conducts its business when he said “ I am shocked by the fact that everything was singled handedly managed by one person”.  He went further to say that the president and secretary general who had served in the previous administration should definitely be aware of the all the items donated and the status of the account in Cameroon hence the aforementioned individuals should take the blame. He advised the association that we should buid an


environment of continuity and transparency, such that documents and information should flow easily from one administration to another.

On his part, the Secretary General quashed the idea that he or the president should be blamed for the shortcoming of the previous administration because it happened in the eyes of everyone and that the current administration has taken so much criticisms for being transparent and building an environment of continuity.


The president responded that whether he is to take the blame or not, is irrelevant because the facts are clear that all these information and records were supposed to have been handed to him upon resuming office.

On his part Mr Dickson was furious and expressed his dislike with the way the current administration operates in what he describe as continuously criticizing the previous administration and blaming the former president for its predicaments. He believes that other presidents did not do the same to their predecessors. However, Mr Bechem Ebini responded that no one in the current administration has mentioned the former president or administration with any bias but rather were responding to Sessekou Ebini’s comments about transparency and continuity.


Dr. Tabetah took the floor to remind us that no individual member is bigger than the association and that he is sadden by the fact the association has been dragged into prolonged deliberations about the former and current president. He strongly believe that these individuals cannot hold this association hostage, hence he of the opinion that we should move forward and stop talking about them and focus on that things that bring us together.


In light of this comments by Dr Tabeetah, Sessekou took the floor to clarify what he described as false statements regarding his non participation during the last meeting hosting. He told the association that he had refused to host because, in the past, his sister’s house was the hosting venue for this group, as result, he had instructed Bechem Ebini to contact the former president to host.  He went further to say that it would have been insensitive to host considering the fact the he was planning a negotiation meeting between the president and his predecessor. In response, Bechem Ebini said he believes it would have been very disrespectful and insulting to contact the former president to host because of her resentment towards the association.


Lawyer Nkwachong believes there should be away to handle the current state of affairs between the association and the former president and that he willing to bring the parties together.    

The president concluded that individual members can proceed with the mediation talks but the association has to move forward regardless.


Other Matters

The first issue on this part of the agenda was raised by the president who briefed the association that we are longer part of Sagi due to the fact that we failed to make payments for two sagi bereavements. He continued that he did not receive any email or calls relating to these bereavements as have been the case in the past. He explained that for quite some time he has had a rocky relationship with the president of sagi which explains why the sagi president has refrained from contacting him on sagi updates but rather choose to contact the former president. On her part, Mrs. Alice Oben said we should stop pointing fingers and take responsibility when things go wrong.


Despite the setbacks with sagi, the president said we have to move forward by adopting new ways to provide funeral support to a fallen member. In an attempt to address bereavement issue, Mrs Atabonkeng proposed that we increase our annual dues from $200 to $250.  In response to this, Dr Agbor took the floor to explain to members about Combass which is as good as sagi and even better.  He explained that almost half of the association has joined Combass and some members have already benefited from its good benefit package such as sickness relieve and raider benefits.  

Miss Agnes Nzo raised the next issue when she said she wasn’t happy by the fact that the association does make visits and give sickness packages to members when they are hospitalized but did not show such compassion towards her when she was in a similar situation. The president responded that members have duty to inform the administration when they are hospitalized for them to be able to benefit this token.

Mrs. Lucy Laboule said she believes the association is “racist” because it treats members differently. She used the current situation of her husband who has been sick for a very long time yet she has not been visited by the association.

On his part, Mr. Ndeso believes there is a breakdown of communication hence he is suggesting that we include in the agenda a section to update association when members are sick. 


Last Minute Proposals

  • Mami Lydia suggested that we should increase wedding and hospitalization benefits



-The president informed the association that Pa Maurice has been discharged from the hospital and members can now visit him.

- Mrs Atabongkeng thanked the association for supporting her immensely when she lost her younger sister


Closing Remarks

The president expressed his delight by the turnout and thanked members for their active participation, while encouraging us to continue to leave harmoniously. With this he asked member to go eat and socialize. 


Next meeting scheduled for April 9th, 2016  Location TBA



Bechem Ebini


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