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  1. Martha Atabongakeng

  2. Michael Atabongakeng

  3. Bechemanyor Njok Ebini

  4. Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor

  5. Emmanuel Mondi

  6. Patience Ebini

  7. Martha Akombi

  8. Dr. Solomon Agbor

  9. Enow Otto

  10. Emmanuel Tabi

  11. Juliana Ashukem

  12. Grace Tabi

  13. Manga Ayuk Epouse Enoh

  14. Belta Mondi

  15. Lydia Tabi

  16. Grace Akwo JR

  17. Eta-Manga Pedro

  18. Joan Essim

  19. Eyong A. Atem

  20. Akwo Franklin

  21. Enow Takang

  22. Jacob Tambe

  23. Marie Tambe

  24. Dora Ntantang

  25. Takang Enow

  26. Calvin Tabetah

  27. Michael Nkongho

  28. Sessekou Elias Akwo

  29. Grace Akwo SR

  30. Ako Tabetah

  31. Samuel Orock

  32. Maurice Tabe

  33. Achuo Ferdinand

  34. Beyang Taku-Ayuk

  35. Dr. Alice Agbor

  36. Philomena Tabe

  37. Frida Recong Eseme

  38. Regina Achem

  39. Celine Mangeb

  40. Diana Agbornchong

  41. Susan Ebai Eyang

  42. John Tanyi Tabe

  43. Mariana Nkem

  44. Regina Ayoumpe

  45. Diana Tambe

  46. Helen Eneke

  47. Rebeca Orock

  48. Christy Tabi

  49. Peter Kima

  50. Susan Tabe

  51. Jauces Tiku

  52. Mbeng Besong

  53. Dickson Esakenong

  54. Celine Ndip

  55. Makia Ashu

  56. Linda Oben

  57. Briane Michael



Absence with Notification


  • Taba Eseme

  • Ebini Bechemayor (SG)

  • Helen Betang

  • Jose Eyong

  • Ngozi Eyong

  • Benedict Tabi








The March 14, 2015 meeting started at 8:26 pm with the the president apologizing for his late coming and giving members heads up on how to access the meeting agenda on the website. He then adjusted the agenda of the day, to make room for Dr Solomon's talk on death insurance and the construction of a banquet hall. He also indicated that despite the late commencement of the meeting, the session was not going to take longer than usual and that in case some issues were not discussed by the end of the meeting, they would be carried forward to the next meeting. The agenda was then moved by Mr Dickson and Dr Solomon.


Opening Prayers: Mr Ferdinand Achuo led the prayer by calling on the Holy Spirit to be our guide in our deliberations, grant travel mercies to all and to bless upper banyang.


Welcome Remarks: The president formally welcomed all in attendance, thanking them for their dedication. He also emphasized that as much as media communication among members was important, it was much more fulfilling to come together in person to see and socialize with one another.


Ms Grace Tabi Filling in for the SG, then read the minutes of the last meeting and it was adopted by Mr Bechem Ebini Njock and Dr. Alice.


Matters Arising:

Matters Arising: As noted by Dr Solomon that the day's agenda already contained matters arising from the minutes, the president proceeded with the agenda starting with projects. He threw more light on one of the reasons we embark on projects back home, as he says we should be able to understand the plight of those back home as we were once there. The floor was then open for discussion of the project.


Mr. Dickson then proposed the reinforcement of the Tinto Health Center and the president added flesh to the proposal by indicating the importance of health especially as education had been handled already. He further said that the executive had brain stormed on this issue of health and agreed that a proposal for the construction of a fully equipped hospital be presented to the general assembly. Due to the skepticism of members with respect to the grandeur of this project, the president further explained that this to be a nation wide project which would only to be led by the Upbacda US but will greatly involve elites both at home and in the diaspora. In fact, he went on with confidence that following the success of the lab project in Tinto, he envisages that there shall be nation wide support to this idea should we be able to sell it to others..


The floor was then opened for reaction and Mr Achuo asked for clarification as to whether the president meant a hospital structure only or an equipped hospital, and whether or not the Cameroon government could permit such a project. Mr Dickson also reacted by saying we should undertake projects that are within the limits of our budget and not depend on outside support. While Mrs Atabongakeng also asked if the hospital is to be build from scratch or are we upgrading an existing hospital.

In responds to the questions of the members, Ms Patience Ebini made mention that although it will be tough to renovate an existing structure, but it seemed more realistic than erecting an all new structure from foundation.


Thus in agreement with Dr Solomon's suggestion, she suggested that we could embark on such project by dealing with the construction, one hospital unit at a time. The president agreed to this too, saying the executive is already looking at working with an existing structure but that more investigation is still to be carried out should the general assembly give them the go ahead. The general assembly therefore agreed that this was a project to be considered and so the executive should conclude their findings and bring back a more concrete plan of action.


New Matters: 

 Dr Solomon took the floor once again and talked about a 'Death Insurance' program which he called (MAGASS), that they are looking to institute to benefit our population. For better understanding, he compared and contrasted this new insurance policy to other existing once and that the applications will be available soon for a three months registration.


In reaction to the insurance issue, Auntie Joan asked for assurance as to the credibility of those in charge and Pa Maurice also expressed his concern as to the policy's friendliness to those without Social Security Number. He assured both concerns by s. aying those in charge were credit worthy and also that SSN was not a requirement. Dr Solomon also raised the idea of the construction of a banquet hall and that shares would range from $500 with a 25% interest a year. For lack of time, the president said to call Dr. Solomon for further clarifications.




Introduction of members and Visitors:

 Dr Ako Tabeta introduced his son (Kavin) from Cameroon. Mr Micheal Nkongho introduced himself as a new member.


Refreshment and Socialisation: Eating and drinking followed right away. The trophy of best dancer of the last meeting session was awarded to Dr Alice Eyong. Also, there was the cutting of the birthday cake for those born in March. These included Mrs Bertha Mondi, Mr Brian Michael Abane, Ms Regina and Mrs Christy Tabi.


Closing remark: The president declared the meeting officially ended but eating and dancing continued to the early hours of the morning.


Next meeting scheduled for April 11th, 2015  Location TBA





Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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