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Upper Bayang members after meeting party


If there's anywhere the 2015 mother's day was best celebrated, it would be at the UPBACDA monthly come together which went down on May 9th 2015 as of 7pm to the early hours of the life of one of our mother's and friend, Mrs. Helen Betah who left us to be with the Lord. As is becoming our signatory activity courtesy of the First UPBACDA family, the birthday


Cake for those born in the month of May was shared and the merriment started with eating, drinking, socialization and dancing. And talking about dancing, it is hard to tell whether the participation in the dance competition of members who are usually lukewarm about dancing, was as a result of the atmosphere of Mother's day celebration or the grandeur of the prestigious best dancer award. However, whatever the motivation, it was strong enough to get people like myself up and dancing to the very early hours of the morning.


I can tell you the competition was tough this time around, and we're all looking forward to the next meeting to find out who made it to the top of their dance game that remarkable day.


The winner of the April after party dance contest was Mr. Briane Michael. See below a photo of Mr. Briane Michael acknoledging his trophy.


Who will be crown champion for May dance contest, stay tuned for next meeting.

Do you know that the best dancer of the after party is future on the home page?


The UPBACDA monthly get-togethers is a thing of interest these days as members keep

getting new packages of fun activities each time. There's always something going down in grand style, and for those born in that month, you don't have to worry about how to plan and celebrate your birthday as the UPBACDA MD family will throw you a great party with a cake, food, drinks and a full house of invitees for free, because that's how much we love one another.


By Grace Tabi

UPBACD MD Press Secretary.


Upper Bayang members after meeting party

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