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Host location: Prince Enoh Ebika's Residence


 The meeting started at 8:30pm with sixteen members on roll. The president Prince Enoh Ebika Ashuagbor welcomed everyone. He disclosed the agenda and was moved correct as a working document by Pa Maurice and seconded by Aunty Susan. 


Opening Prayers: The opening prayer was led by sister Joan who called on God almighty to take total control of the meeting.


The president formally welcomed everyone and thanked the host group for making entertainment possible. He disclosed we had serious topics to discuss and cautioned we make judicious use of time and respect for self and elders during deliberations. The minutes were read and moved correct for discussions by Aunty Susan and Pa Maurice respectively.


The president informed the general assembly that the constitution committee met for about four hours and did a good job. He thanked all the committee members especially Grace who put the draft proposal in pamphlet form for all members. The president wanted us to start with some items in the constitution but aunty Philomena pressed we start with matters arising from the minutes. She proposed that in a bit to make members pay their dues, the financial secretary should read the names of members and what they have contributed and follow up and that the bereavement dues to the three members be paid.

The president said this issue has held the group hostage and that he made his point and is not going back. He said he has been accused of trying to split the meeting. He added that any one can write a motion for him to be voted out of office if not he will remain the president of the group until the end of his term. Aunty Philomena said in a family meeting they don’t impeach people and that the president can step down. Pa Maurice said since 2006 he has never seen a situation like this and that we voted our president and if we cannot support him then he doesn’t know where we are going to.


Grace closed the chapter by saying that the bereavement issue was discussed in the constitution amendment committee and that members should read and make proposals.



The president informed the general assembly that the group has been reinstated but he was dropped because he criticized their action. Mr. Ebai wondered aloud what was going on with SAGI as a result Mrs. Ashunkem proposed we invite SAGI president to come and explain to us. Mrs. Ashu proposed we look at the bylaws and not focus on the president. Aunty Lydia said we flawed because we did not get the bylaws from the inception. Aunty Joan proposed we create our own SAGI supported by Aunty Susan. All in all, Dr. Solomon Agbor gave a presentation on COMBASS.


Matters Arising:



    The president gave a briefing about the end of year party and threw it to the general assembly for suggestions. Aunty Susan said we should have it in a hall. Grace proposed we set a committee to draw a budget. The meeting it was said; pays for the hall and music while women bring food and men drinks. Mr. Ebai was commissioned to get information especially about Mrs. Enowmbi’s hall.


Children’s ministry:

          Grace briefed the general assembly about the program and asked if the parents like the idea. She said a list of kids should be drawn up and the things needed to keep them busy. The president said he was ready to buy any accessories needed for the program.



    Sam Orock the financial secretary said UPBACDA has 102 members and 38 have finished their dues, 30 are closed to finish and 40 owe bereavement. The names of those owing were read and there was some discrepancies and the financial secretary was asked to fix it with those concerned. Martha Atabongakeng asked the deadline for this money to be paid and the penalty for those who do not pay? November meeting was set as the dead line for all payments.



    Mr. Ebai announced a combined birthday and born house on the 31st of October. Dr. Solomon gave an invitation to the group for MECA DC scholarship fund. Jose announced he had information for a federal security job that pays about $30 an hour but you must be a citizen. He also talked about a party time job by selling LegalShield. He said if you have about a hundred contacts on your phone you can do the business and you get paid up to $100 advance commission for signing up one person. He added in the last two months he had made two thousand dollars extra money and requested interested to see him after the meeting. Mrs. Ashunkem announced she had an accident and thanked God for life. Mr. Peter Kima apologized for his consistent absenteeism and announced he has a job opening for those who can prepare proper clinical notes. Martha Atabongakeng apologized for not coming to the meeting since their wedding and was sorry for not reaching everyone with their invitation.



Elvis Tabi Tabi introduced himself and his wife Annie Elvira Tabi from Bafang. John Njomo also introduced himself from Bafang fiancé to Machida Essim.



    Sam Orock thanked the group for their support during his bereavement and gave a bottle of wine to show his appreciation.



    Those born in the month of October cut their birthday cake.

The president Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor thanked everyone present and their active participation during deliberations. The meeting finally came to a close at 10:42pm with 56 members on roll as refreshment ensued.



Next meeting scheduled for November 14th, 2015  Location Mr. David Besong's Residence



          President:                                                                                                Deputy Secretary

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                    Jose Eyong


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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