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Hello and thanks for visiting the Upper Banyang Cultural & Development Association (UPBACDA-Maryland (USA), Inc. website. It is our pleasure to have you as one of our guests and it is our fervent wish that you will take time to educate yourself about who we are through our website. But most importantly, we hope that you will also find the need to recommend this website to others who wish to learn about us and be a part of our relentless efforts in enriching and empowering our impoverished individuals back homethrough micro and macro projects in the areas of health, education, agriculture etc. We can only realize these efforts through generous donations/contributions from foks like you.


Feel free to make a donation through this website's secured payment portals or by contacting us. The Upper Banyang Cultural & Development Association is a 501 (c)(3) organization and all your contributions and/or donations are tax deductible and used for solely the purposes for which intended. 

The Upper Banyang sub division is one of four sub divisions in Manyu Division. We, the sons and daughters from this impoverished and neglected sub division are determined more than ever to ensure that we do the best we can to improve the lives of the people from the Upper Banyang sub division back in Cameroon. It is based upon this premise that we, the Sons and Daughters from this sub division decided to continue to regroup ourselves here in the United States to pull our limited resources together and focus on developmental projects that will enhance and empower the lives of these individuals back home in Cameroon. 

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