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He exhorted the administrative and teaching staff of the school to use the equipments in imparting knowledge in the students and produce a new generation of scientists in Cameroon. He also encouraged the students to make good use of the lab and thrive in their examinations.

“Remember that to whom much is given, much is expected. You have to prove to us that you are making good use of this lab by scoring the best of grades in your exams. This will motivate us to do more,” Dr. Agbor Stated.

For her part, UPBACDA Maryland Branch President, Patience Ebini, pleaded with the students to claim ownership of the lab. She said their kinfolk abroad have made painful sacrifices in a bid to realise the project. The only way to repay them, she said, is through hard work and using the lab only for the purpose for which it was intended.

She however, urged the teachers to be tolerant in their teaching approach, especially with the science subjects which she said often scared away students, because they entail a lot of concentration and focus. But with a more liberal approach to the teaching of these subjects, she added, will encourage more students to be interested in the sciences.

The UPBACDA Maryland Branch President assured the administrative , teaching staff and students of the school that the association is ready to assist them in any way they can. Earlier in his address, the Coordinator of the project, Enow Tanjong, thanked all those who contributed to the realisation of the project. The erstwhile Governor of the Southwest Region warned that the lab is meant to serve the students of GHS Tinto and should stringently be used for that purpose.

Representing the Southwest Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, the Pedagogic Inspector in charge of the teaching of science subjects at the Southwest Regional Delegation of Secondary Education, John Che, lauded the efforts of UPBACDA and said the lab is coming at a time when the government is emphasising on competent base approach system of teaching, which is learning by doing. He however called on both the teachers and students of the school to be custodians of the lab equipments, and reminded the Maryland team to always upgrade the equipments, which he said are fragile and difficult to handle.


Manyu SDO and Elites cutting open the ribon of GHS Tinto Laboratory

 Elites of the Upper Bayang Cultural and Development Association, UPBACDA, based in America have handed over an ultra-modern science laboratory to GHS Tinto, worth FCFA 20 million. The science lab was handed over to the school authority on April 30, in a ceremony presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu. Addressing the staff and students of the school, the initiator of the project, Dr. Solomon Agbor, said the lab is part of activities of the Upper Bayang Elites in the Diaspora to encourage and support education back in Cameroon. The Cameroon Medical Researcher based in the United States added that UPBACDA has decided to donate a science lab in order to encourage young Cameroonians to developed interest in the sciences, a sphere, which he said rules the world, but neglected in Cameroon.

GHS Tinto In Dire Needs Of Teachers

Meanwhile, the Vice Principal of the school, Philip Ntoung said the laboratory will mitigate the migration of science students out of the institution. He revealed that for the past 14 years, there have been no science student in the second cycle of the school, because of the absent of a science lab for practicals. But with the donation of this lab, he said, the school will start admitting science students in the second cycle as from next academic year.

The Vice Principal however appealed to the authorities present to send more teachers to the school. He asserted that for the past two years, the institution lacks Mathematics, Economics and Physics teachers, this he said is very detrimental to the students especially during their end of year examinations.

Meantime, in his closing remark, the Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu, Peter Tien Ndeh, thanked the Upper Bayang elites for the benevolence gesture and urged both the elites and the school administration to work in synergy to ensure the sustainability of the equipments.

He equally encouraged them to carry out similar largess in technical schools in the division, by providing them information technology labs, workshops among others. The SDO pledged to liaise with Sonel to bring electricity to the school to help the students during their practical sessions.

First published in the Post print edition no 01429

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