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I will focus on getting our Upper Banyang Elites here, at home and Abroad to build a solid network to foster developmental projects and ideologies of the association that will benefit our sub- division.
It is very crucial for my leadership to work very closely with all other Upper Banyang Associations here in the USA in the coordination of macro projects for the sub-division. 
The task is huge but with the will to achieve, the right mindset from the people, coupled with the Grace of God, Together We Can Achieve More.
 It is my intention lto ead a unified Upper Banyang group whose primary goal must be to focus toward united objectives with everyone contributing according to their strengths and capacity.
One of my main objectives has always been the empowerment of and the role of the Manyu woman in the decision-making processes in regard to community organizing. I will like to see the women actively accepting more resposibilties, challenges, and tactually aking the forefront in reorganizing our community and seeking positive strategies in dispute resolutions.
My leadership will be open to initiate or partake in dialogues with all other subdivisonal associations , and other Manyu groups to work in collaboration in fostering the cultural, socio-economic and developmental goals of the respective associations. It is only through such collaborative efforts, reciprocity and momentum that we can truly achieve meaningful milestones.
Through open dialogue, best practice exchanges and collaboration with other non-Manyu groups, we can aslo achieve a lot. Therefore, I will like to encourage all and sundry to step out of their comfort zones and reach out to other non-Manyu groups when there is a call for service and/or assistance.
In times like this when most folks feel less motivated to accept the responsibility to serve because of public criticisms, humiliation and fear of exposing themselves and their families to trivial attacks, I must say that it was not an easy task to get folks to serve their own community. However, I was able to get a few courageous, knowledgeable and skilled community servants who aligned with my goals for this association. With them, I feel my task will be greatly uplifted. Please join me in welcoming the following people in their respective leadership roles and accord them due respect:
President-Elect- Ms. Patience Ebini- 202-590-5688
VICE President- Prince Enoh-Ebika Ashuagbor- 301-613-9641
Secretary General- Mr. Taba Eseme- 240-565-9795
Financial Secretary- Mrs. Juliana Ashukem- 240-351-8468
Treasurer- Mrs. Grace Akwo- 301-365-1350
Public Relations Officer- Mr. Oben Tiku- 240-476-5057
Mrs. Quen Enow Financial Dept.
Dr. Alice Agbor Eyong- General Secretariat.
 I want to again thank the executive members/volunteers for accepting to be a part of my vision.
I wish to also extend my appreciation to all those who called or sent private and public congratulatory messages, words of encouragement, motivation and wisdom. I look forward to learnng more lessons as I take upon this new journey with you.
At a personal level, I will also like to sincerely and heartily thank God and EVERYONE that called and visited at the hospital and at home to check on me during the recent health demise that I went through. if I missed returning your call or text, please bear with me; the volume of calls continues to be overwhelming. Special thanks to Ernest & Alice Oben who are always the first on the scene during emergencies due to the proximity of our residences and my daughter's school. Special thanks to my family members that quickly made it to the hospital. Seeing all of you around me was very reassuring. I have to say that it was a close call for me, especially for one that has otherwise been generraly healthy. Everything happened too fast but I am reassured that God did not bring me this far to leave me alone. Some of you have asked questions and I have provided explanations for what I know happened. Athough the medical professionals claimed there were no medical findings as of now, I am simply very thankful to God and trust in his MIGHT. I want to assure you all that GOD has taken control and it is well with me. Fear thou not.
The Upper Banyang Cultural and Developmental Association is a loving and all-inclusive group. Feel free to contact any Upper Banyang Element and ask how you can belong or be of assistance to the association.
I hope that you, your friends and families will honor our invitation to the end of year/inaugural ceremony slated for 12/11/2010.
May God Bless you All.
Ms. Patience Ebini



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