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It all went down last Saturday Dec 13 2014 at the Blossom Center in Capitol Heights, MD where the sons and daughters of Upper Bayang came together in their numbers to celebrate both the blessings of the Lord upon them this past year and to experience the glamorous transition of power.

There was variety and abundance of food to eat and plenty to drink. From my left was the DJ boot where DJ Armstrong was amusing the crowd with a variety of quality and excellent  music to dance to, and all were in merriment.


The occasion was graced with the presence of so many important personalities and royalties, chaired by HRH Prince Dr Ako Tabetah, a son of upper bayang. The Chairman gave a powerful speech in which he took us back to the origin of this association and appreciated the unity of the members of this association and applauded the peaceful transition of power from the former to the present executives.

The Chairman also on behalf of the association, handed a surprise award to the outgoing president (Patience Ebini) and the founding father of the association (Pa Sessekou Elias Akwo) Both for being very instrumental in the birth and growth of the association thus far.



With the ending of her term of office, the former president H.E Patience Ebini was overwhelm and excitement to hand over the mantle of leadership to H.E Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor whom the association declared in October 2014 as being worthy to lead them. In-fact she was pleased to have found someone trust worthy like the prince to take over this privileged responsibility.


The president elect on his part graced the occasion with his touching speech in which he thanked the entire association for their support of the outgoing executive, and called on them to give his executive same valued support. He also heartily thanked his wife whom he says her love and support has been the pillars supporting his struggles and endeavors as well as his entire family for their support and encouragement.


The grandeur of the occasion was so evident in both the setting and personalities who ranged from grandparents to kids, giving the occasion a unique blend.
Much thanks also goes to all the spouses, friends, colleagues, and neighbors of the sons and daughters of upper bayang, who made the occasion a success by both their presence and contributions. Above all, We give God almighty thanks and gratitude for this success, and depend on Him for a wonderful year 2015.


by Grace Tabi

Press Secretary 

             Mrs. Patience Ebini receiving an award

                 from the chairman Dr. Ako Tabetah

Upper Bayang Party at the Blossom Center

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