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Host location: Marie & Jacob Tambe's Residence in VA


Opening Prayers: The meeting started with a word of prayers from Mami Susan Tabe who called on the lord to guide and protect our collective and individual endeavors.


The president started by thanking members who made to Richmond in what he describes as the first meeting of its kind. He thanked the Tambe family and the hosting group for hosting us. He stressed that the distance to the meeting venue and the presence of activities in Maryland made it impossible for members to transition in-between activities like we normally do, however he was pleased with the initial attendance of about 28 members as others were on their way.


The Secretary General read the August minutes to the general assembly and it was adopted by chief Mondi and Mami Celin Mangeb.


Matters Arising:


The first issue was raised by Mami Susan Tambe who requested for clarification on the scope and modalities of the health care project set to be carried by the association. The Secretary General responded to her by reminding members that it was a very important question which requires a detail response hence there is a part on the agenda for discussion on the project.  Mami Susan Tabe also requested if there will be a sendoff for Pa and Mami Akwo. In his opinion, Bechem Ebini alluded to their sacrifices and impact to this organization and our community at large and stressed the importance of sendoff event to give them a temporary good bye.


On her part, mami Martha Akombi holds the opinion that such an event and gesture is of utmost importance. She also proposed that we organize the sendoff during next month’s meeting.  Mr Bechem Ebini proposed that the sendoff be slated for a separate weekend for fear of the fact that the election tensions may overshadow the importance of the event.


Mr Ebini’s opinion was quashed by the President who believes that a separate weekend will not work for most members who belong to other associations hence, it be organize on a meeting day. This opinion received support from a majority of members. On his part, Mr Tambe holds that because there is a unanimous decision on the sendoff, the executive should decide on a package to be presented to them.


Other matters:


The first issue on this part of the agenda was raised by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Chief Mondi. He used this opportunity to remind members of the upcoming elections and encouraged us participate and send in our candidatures for the all-important post for president. He went through some of the criteria’s for president which include but not limited to;


-being of good financial standing with annual dues,

-most have attended at least two third of the general assembly meetings,

- must be naturally born upperbanyang native.




The president started this part of the agenda by reminding members that despite the importance of emergency care, it is still a novelty and an underdeveloped sector in back home. He went further to stress that the administration’s push for this project has nothing to do with leaving a legacy contrary to some opinions, because it will be selfish to do so. He believes that we already have a legacy which is the cohesion that exists amongst us today. He holds the opinion that keeping this group together is the most important job that we have collectively accomplished and whoever takes over will only build the foundation that we constructed.


As to the project, he believes that there’s a general consensus that it is need base. This project the president said can be materialized by us coming together and dreaming of huge contributions from our side and circle. In the coming weeks, the project committee headed by Dr Solomon Agbor will meet to come up with sketch and the literature which will be on the website to people to familiarize themselves with the details of the project. Once this information goes public, talking points will be handed to members in an attempt to sway potential donors to the cause.


The president also reminded members that transparency it of utmost importance as we solicit funds and execution phase of the project, hence we have to come up with ways of decimating project details and tracking every penny of the project.

After a lengthy talk by the president, the SG took the floor to emphasis on the need for modern day health care infrastructure and medical technology in developing society. He reiterated that a modern day emergency unit will tremendously reduce the number of sudden death in our area. He went further to say that the continuous increase in motor bikes as a means of transportation will inevitably led to increase casualties in the area which will require emergency medical care.


End of Year Party


The president said we are entering into the last quarter of the year and before we know, December will be here for the end of year party ritual. On his part, Mr Tambe thinks that we are taking members too much for these events. He believes that organizing two events annually (summer BBQ and the end of year party), sponsored by members is overwhelming financially to members. Mrs. Margaret Ebangha was of the opinion that we work so hard and these events are very refreshing and provides and avenue for us to social outside our regular meeting days. She stressed that she really enjoys this events will want them to stay. Mr Bechem Ebini agreed in part that it is true that these events can be overwhelming but holds that they are a necessary evil. He continued by reminding members that the end year party in election years is used as an inaugural ceremony for the new administration. Because of the contentious nature of this issue, it was adjourned for next meeting.



The president announced that Mrs Agnes Nzo is sick and encouraged members to check on her like we are accustomed to. Mr Samuel orock proposed that we organized a freewill donation to support her during this time of distress. Members who donated gave their names and amount to the secretary general.

Mami Martha Akombi inform the association that she is now a US citizen and thank all meeting members who made this journey possible particularly Mr. and Mrs. Tambe.


Mr Tanyi Bate thanked the association for their enormous support when he lost his sister.

At this point the president ended the meeting while thanking the hosting group and all the members who made the three hours journey to Richmond, Virginia. He encouraged members to eat, take doggy backs and drink responsibly. 




Next meeting scheduled for September 8th, 2016  Location The Atabongakeng Residence



          President:                                                                                                    Secretary General

Prince Enoh John-Ebika Ashuagbor                                                                    Bechem Ebini


Note: Please if you do not find your name on this attendance list and you know you were present at the meeting kindly let us know and we will update the list.  

If you have any suggestions or concern about this minutes, please click the link below and fill the form, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!form__map/c24vq

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